Monday, June 13, 2011

Adele is Eight!

Adele is EIGHT!

Just pics today, i'm easing myself back into this BLOGGING thing. :) ;)
Well I might say a little about Adele i guess. But i'm 38 weeks pregnant and very emotional! LOL It took me a bit just to choose these pictures without bawling my eyes out.

I could never tell you everything about Adele, well I could but it'd be more of a book than a blog. She is my sweet special little miracle. And every day i'm more and more proud of the girl she is and the girl she is becoming. She was born after 4 years of us trying to get pregnant. So she is our little miracle baby. Dr. told us I would never get pregnant on my own, oddly enough I was actually pregnant when he told me that. Dumb dr. Anyway on to Adele.
Kind, Friendly, Sweet, Spunky, Spirited, CRAZY, Loving, Happy, Funny, Silly, Theatrical, Brave, Fearless, Smart, Determined, Tender, Gorgeous, Loyal, Stubborn, Hardworking, Stalwart, full of Faith, LOVES Attention. :)

That will give you an IDEA of what my Della is like. She's my crazy child, my hardest so far I think. But worth every single hair pulling episode. She gives me a run for my money but makes up for it 100x's by being this amazing child that has taught me so much.

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Ambrosia said...

YAY!! I can't believe that your bright star is 8 and I can't believe I have known her since she was like 6 mos old! You definitely have one fine girl on your hands. She is destined for greatness, she is. She is good one. A very good one.

Amy said...

LOL, that last photo say it all, it's SO Adele. What a cutie and happy 8th birthday to her!
P.S. SOoOo glad you are blogging again.

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